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HENDERSON Anthony Bledsoe

Male 1845 - 1916  (71 years)


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ROBERT BLEDSOE FISHER (1876-1932) by his daughter Grace Fisher (Porch)

A Crime Against the Family


by his daughter Grace Fisher (Porch)

My Dad, Robert Bledsoe Fisher, owned a service station here in Tulsa and Frank Henderson (1889-1954) used to come by and whenever there was a lag in the customers, they’d talk – mostly about "old times" and family connections.

On July 17, 1932, a Sunday morning, my Dad walked to the station to pick up the newspaper, and there, just waiting for him, were two thugs who robbed him, beat him on the head, and fatally shot him. Though mortally wounded, my Dad wrested a gun from one of them and as they drove away, he fired one shot which hit the rear of the car.

Having this clue and a neighbor’s description of the car as it sped away, made it possible for the police to find them in a matter of hours. One was given a life sentence – the other a lesser sentence. Frank Henderson visited my Mother after hearing about it (or maybe it was just a phone call) but that was the last contact I can remember with him.

Note: Frank Henderson was the youngest child of Anthony Bledsoe Henderson and Matilda Jane Banks. Robert Bledsoe Fisher was the son of Caleb Joshua Fisher and Emmaline Rebecca Banks, sister of Matilda Jane Banks.

(Thanks to the Gibson Booze Home Page for initially gathering this information and posting it for all to enjoy.)

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